We provide trainingevaluation planning (including the development of effective log frames), undertakedata collection (including focus groups, surveys, workshops) analysis (quantitative and qualitative; benefit/cost) and reporting.

Coutts J&R – managing and evalauting change

Coutts J&R was established by Jeff & Robyn Coutts in 2001.  Prior to that Jeff was Director of the then Rural Extension Centre at the University of Queensland, Gatton Campus.  The centre was a joint venture between the then Queensland Department of Primary Industry and the University to focus on the social and human side of fostering change and innovation in rural development through training (through an adult learning based Master’s course) and research.

As interest increased in capacity building, the funders and organisations involved with delivering such programs sought assistance with the monitoring and evaluating of these programs – it wasn’t just a matter of counting “widgets”!  This is how Jeff’s interest commenced in evaluation of rural intervention programs – building on the post-graduate study he had undertaken at the then Wageniningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands.

Over the 8 years since this specialist evaluation company has been established, the interest in effective evaluation has increased, and the demands for more and more specific impact assessment has grown.  It is an exciting and innovative discipline that demands the best.  Coutts J&R uses a strong professional network of talented specialists to pull together the teams needed for evaluations of the range of projects and programs that require it – large and small, across sectors such as natural resource management, agriculture, health, education & capacity building.