Undertake Program or Project Evaluations

We are specialist program and project evaluators.  We have the expertise and experience to evaluate your project and program at any stage of its life – including the final impact evaluation – and report progress against its objectives, the effectiveness of processes being used, and make recommendations for improvement as needed.  We can work to your evaluation specifications or work with you to better define the outcomes you can achieve from an evaluation.  We can also adapt the process to the project or program size and evaluation budget.


We can undertake benefit/cost analysis for your program/project – including sensitivity analysis and a ‘what-if’ function to explore the impacts of different scenarios or outcomes.  We can provide this to you in a program/project specific spreadsheet with built in graphs for ease of analysis and planning.

Evaluation Mentoring

We can provide mentoring services to work with your program/project leaders and/or team to plan evaluations, appropriate data collection and analysis and assist with the design of planned surveys or other data collection tools.


We undertake training in monitoring and evaluation and in the use and design of different evaluation tools – including survey design, running focus groups, using evaluation log frames, using narratives and case studies.